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黒百合 おでん

Enjoy Kanazawa's traditional taste, passed down for over 50 years.


Seasonal Cuisine Oden Kuroyuri

Located in Kanazawa Hyakubangai "Anto", Kanazawa Station

The taste of Kuroyuri's Kanazawa oden has been passed down from generation to generation using a secret broth that has been preserved for more than 50 years. When you come to Kanazawa for sightseeing, please enjoy the taste of Kanazawa at our restaurant. As an izakaya menu, we also offer seasonal delicacies and a variety of standard dishes.

  • Please enjoy the traditional taste of Kanazawa.

  • Seasonal dishes and delicious Sake

  • Valuable daily specials and set menus are also available.

  • Located in 'Kanazawa Hyakubangai "Anto"', Kanazawa Station

  • Please enjoy the traditional taste of Kaga.

  • When you visit Kanazawa, please come to Kuroyuri.

Specialty dishes of Ishikawa

Please enjoy the taste of Ishikawa


◆Kanazawa oden

Kanazawa Oden does not have a "Unified taste, Definition of ingredients", but it is said that here in Kanazawa City, Oden is the most eaten area in Japan.

Kuroyuri's oden broth is made by adding to the broth that has been used since the establishment of the restaurant.

When you take a bite of the oden seeds soaked slowly in the broth, the warm taste of Kuroyuri will fill your mouth.


Local cuisine representative of the ancient capital Kanazawa. A Kaga dish that warms the body from the inside out.

◆Hakusan hard tofu

As the name suggests, this is "hard tofu". It is so firm enough that it can be tied with a rope.

Seasonal cuisine

New flavours with seasonal ingredients **Recommendation **


New Sake squeezed in early spring has matured over the summer to the perfect maturity and has a mellowed taste.

"Hiyaoroshi" is the most matured Sake with full of flavour. It is a seasonal autumn Sake that goes perfectly with autumnal delicacies.

Local Sake and beverages

A wide selection of local Sake with cuisine

In addition to each brand of Kaga's Kiku sake Manzairaku, seasonal brands such as Hakusan Himuro, and the popular Kaga plum wine, rice, barley, and potato shochu are all carefully selected. Please enjoy local Sake with Kuroyuri dishes.


Valuable daily specials and set meals  **Recommendation**

◆Kaga cuisine set meal in the station Kitokito Set Meal (No.1 in popularity)

Kitokito means sashimi! You can enjoy fresh sashimi from Oumi-cho♪


Handling Contents

Japanese cuisine

≪Budget image≫
Daily set meal/oden set meal 720 yen~

≪Service charge≫
No charge

No charge


Total 45 seats, 25 at the counter and 20 in boxes.


Same-day reservations possible, internet reservations possible, telephone reservations possible


Close to sightseeing and holiday spots, inside Kanazawa Station


Popular on TV/magazines, popular by word of mouth, convenient for meeting up, long-established, easy to enter alone, particular about interior design

≪Menu and special offers≫

Traditional dishes, particular about local Sake, particular about local beer, non-alcoholic drinks available, lunch menu available, time service available, coupon offers available

★Recommended information
Located in Kanazawa Station Hyakubangai "Anto", it is very convenient!

Please try our Kitokito sashimi, Kanazawa specialities and Hakusan specialities!

▼Click here for the "Floor Guide" of Anto in Kanazawa Hyakubangai.
▼For reservations and inquiries, please contact us here.


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JR Kanazawa Station
Restaurant in Kanazawa Hyakubangai "Anto"

Seasonal cuisine and oden

Come to our restaurant for a la carte restaurant, eateries, oden restaurant, kappou restaurant, fish restaurant, sashimi restaurant and set meals.

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